Testicular Cancer: Survivor Stories
Illustration: Tré Carden
Author: Giddy Staff

In the world of cancer awareness, testicular cancer gets less attention than many other cancers. Part of that has to do with the sensitive area of the body it affects, and part of it has to do with the relatively low number of cases diagnosed per year: fewer than 10,000

For the men who develop it, that lack of awareness could be fatal, despite the disease's 95 percent five-year relative survival rate.

Early detection is key, which is why Giddy takes Testicular Cancer Awareness Month—April of every year—seriously. We are here to further the awareness-raising mission. 

Did you know the average age at diagnosis is 33? Did you know genetics may play a role? Did you know you're likely to lose the infected testicle as the first line of treatment? Now you do.

Each Monday this month, we will post new content aimed at increasing everyone's awareness of this disease. We begin with a story about the psychological impacts of the disease and how patients' partners can help them cope. 

After that, survivor stories will offer an inside look at the disease and how men overcame it to thrive as professionals and fathers.

The mental health toll of the disease is real. Partners can help overcome those challenges.
A survivor who ignored a testicle lump shares his story. If you feel something, say something.
Asa Newell cites the need for quick detection of the disease, which tends to affect young men.
After two diagnoses and a pair of orchiectomies, a survivor welcomes a daughter, thanks to IVF.