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Health Benefits of Meditation for Men Include Their Sex Lives

Mindfulness can help your overall well-being, which improves your sexual function.

By Kitti Palmai

Idiopathic Hypersomnia: A Case of Chronic Daytime Sleepiness

You sleep and you sleep and you sleep and yet you're never refreshed. But treatment is possible.

By Taayoo Murray

A Lesser-Known Trauma Symptom May Increase Due to COVID-19

When trust in the world is broken, we may no longer trust our own paths forward.

By Xenia E.

Hypnotherapists Are Seeing a Rise in Clients During COVID-19

Listen to their words; they may help you get in touch with your sexuality and fantasies.

By John Scott Lewinski

When Counting Sheep Isn't Enough

Insomnia is a constant struggle, but committing to sleep hygiene and mindfulness can help.

By Tyler Francischine