The exploration of sex isn't a desire exclusively reserved for people in committed relationships.

"We are sexual beings from conception until death," said Stacie Ysidro, a certified erotic blueprint coach based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

During the in-between, we may opt for friends with benefits (FWB) relationships for a physical connection with less of an emotional commitment.

A primary issue for people entering these situations is grasping the differences between this arrangement and a more traditional relationship. Questions such as "Should we be exclusive?" "How can I avoid getting attached?" and "Should we avoid cuddling and sleepovers?" are common starting places, but what if your answers and your partner's answers don't align?

To better understand a "situationship," we've turned to relationship experts and sex coaches to better explain how the parties involved can avoid getting hurt.

1. Start with a conversation

Many people use a "go with the flow" approach, in