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Dating After 40

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With desire at the tip of your fingers and your next conquest just one swipe away, how in the world can anyone find love? Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Grindr—you name it—have infiltrated the modern-day dating world and created a fast-paced, speed-dating environment, all on the computer we carry in our pockets. For many younger people, these apps have been at their disposal their whole lives, whereas over 40-somethings remember meeting the old-fashioned way—at a bar or on the bus—and may find digital dating daunting, exhausting and all around impossible.

If you're older than 40, your dating life isn't over, it just looks a little different now. While jumping back into romance may feel a bit foreign, this doesn't mean you can't keep up. Whether it's a recent divorce, a long string of bad relationships or having sex after you go through menopause, our August four-part series has you covered when it comes to how to date after 40.

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