Breast Cancer | Symptoms and Diagnosis

A doctor looks at a screen that shows a woman's mammogram who is standing in the background.

If you're struggling with your libido following diagnosis or treatment, you're not alone.

A white-gloved hand holds a vial of blood with a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon around it.

It's a few years off, but a screening tool may be a game changer for detection, researchers say.

Most results are benign, but here's what to expect during and after the procedure.

The senator was diagnosed with breast cancer after delaying her mammogram.

Updated recommendations have caused some confusion. Here's clarification.

First steps in the breast cancer fight: Know something is wrong; get a professional diagnosis.

More than 27,000 women under age 45 are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

Feeling yourself up is more likely to cause anxiety than deliver a breast cancer diagnosis.

Know how to conduct a regular breast self-exam the right way.