Elevate. Impulse. Lumosity. MEternally. Memorado. NeuroNation. What's with all the brain-training apps? Do they deliver the cognitive benefits we're seeking?

A study published in 2021 in Scientific Reports involving 12,000 older adults found subjects improved their processing speed throughout the course of 100 sessions using cognitive mobile games, whether the participants were closer to 60 years old or 80 years old. Authors of a meta-analysis published in the same journal the year prior evaluated randomized controlled trials assessing the use of commercial computerized games to improve cognitive function in adults older than 60 without cognitive impairments, and concluded the games improved participants' cognitive function.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to track brain blood flow from moment to moment and to find out where neurons are firing in the brain, authors of a small study in 2009 found older adults without previous internet search experience who practiced searching online for an hour a day showed significant increases in neural activity after one week.

"Another lesson is that you can teach an old brain new tricks and you can engage those neural circuits," said one of the