"Growing up, my body below my waist was a mystery," writes Kate White, M.D., in the introduction to her book, "Your Sexual Health: A Guide to Understanding, Loving and Caring for Your Body" (Mayo Clinic Press, May 2022).

She's not alone.

Many people enter adulthood unequipped with even basic information about their bodies. It's no wonder, when sexual health education in the United States is woefully lacking. Only 39 states and the District of Columbia mandate sex education and/or HIV education in school, and only 17 states require the program content to be medically accurate, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research and policy organization headquartered in New York City.

'It's vital that people understand how their reproductive health works and how to prevent a pregnancy they're not ready for.'

Additionally, 29 states require that abstinence be stressed and 4 states