We've all been there. Skipping or delaying health screenings is common; too often, life gets in the way.

Whether it's working obscenely long hours or struggling to find child care, there are any number of reasons women might leave that reminder letter sitting on the kitchen table for months, or may have to make a hasty phone call from the office explaining that they're just not going to be able to make it to the doctor's appointment after all. Throw the COVID-19 pandemic into the mix and you're looking at a world in which there never seems to be enough time or resources to ensure women get the screenings they need.

Estelle, 39, from Leicestershire in the United Kingdom, recently had to delay her cervical screening.

"My nan passed away suddenly the week it was due, and the last thing on my mind was going for the test," said Estelle, who requested her full name not be used. "It wasn't until I went to the GP [general practitioner] for a totally unrelated issue that the receptionist picked up that I had canceled my appointment and asked me if I'd like to rebook. I took the first appointment they had."

Despite having to