María Cristina Lalonde

A lover, fighter and freelance writer, María Cristina Lalonde writes about sex and relationships by day and trains to be a champion kickboxer by night. Ever in pursuit of karaoke and romance, she's lived everywhere from Chicago to Mexico City to Medellín to Lisbon to Bali—but Austin, Texas will always be home. Check out her work at

Texas Judge Considers Ban on Abortion Pill

A lawsuit by anti-abortion groups seeks to halt the nationwide distribution of mifepristone.

By María Cristina Lalonde

IVF-Conceived Kids Not at Risk of Developmental Delays, Study Says

Research suggests in vitro fertilization does not lead to a higher risk of mental disadvantages.

By María Cristina Lalonde

Suzy Eddie Izzard Announces Her New Name

The genderfluid comic says she has wanted to use the moniker since childhood.

By María Cristina Lalonde

Preeclampsia Raises Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

A new study finds the threat level remains high even 20 years after delivery.

By María Cristina Lalonde

Kylie Jenner Talks Navigating Postpartum Depression

In a magazine interview, the reality TV star gives advice to new moms who may be struggling.

By María Cristina Lalonde