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Marriage and Divorce | The Basics

'I never felt like I wasn't married to him, even when we got divorced.'

We never imagine we'll lose it, but reclaiming your individuality could save your relationship.

Whether you want to party, crash or cozy up, it’s your choice how you spend this intimate time.

Your partner is struggling beyond your ability to help, but refuses to go to therapy. What now?

You may not love your partner's family, but mutual respect is essential for a happy marriage.

You might think a domestic partnership is just marriage without the baggage. You'd be wrong.

Fight much? There's a quick but not-so-easy remedy that will help in a major, mature way.

Feeling down can impact your interest in getting down. Here, how to reignite the spark.

Questioning your sexual attractions when you’re with someone doesn’t have to end a relationship.