Impotence Awareness: The Effects of Modern Life

Of the topics most men want to talk about, very low on the list—perhaps last—is impotence, better known today as erectile dysfunction (ED). Many guys would rather suffer in silence than speak up and get help. That's not necessary.

At Giddy, ED is top of mind year-round, but November is designated Impotence Awareness Month, and we're observing it. To that end, we have a four-part series that will examine ED through the lens of today. What does that mean?

Each Monday in November, we will share a story that highlights some aspect of the erectile dysfunction experience. Three of them will focus on an angle that didn't exist a short time ago.

We begin the series with a look at how ultra-popular energy drinks may contribute to ED. Then we'll look at the latest research into COVID-19 and male sexual function. Week three's story will examine whether ED relief might be one of the many benefits of CBD oil. We'll end the series on an encouraging note with a look at the reversible causes of ED.

They can contribute to ED, yes, but quantity and frequency should be your primary concerns.
The coronavirus is still here and one of its lingering effects may be ED for some men.
Cannabidiol has positive effects on the systems that drive erectile health, but proof is scarce.
ED has many causes, but you have the power to tackle several of them yourself.