A Journey Through Pregnancy

Britany Robinson
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Britany Robinson

Britany Robinson is a freelance writer based in Portland, Oregon, covering the environment, reproductive health, and whatever interesting stories capture her curiosity. You can follow her on Twitter.


Pregnancy can be a time of wonder and joy—and also a period of intricate stress and hardship. Beyond the bodily changes and hormonal swings, women undergo a series of difficult decisions and circumstances they won't find themselves in at any other time.

From that first positive pregnancy test to the (sometimes failed) attempts at a birth plan, pregnancy gives expectant mothers a lot to consider. At Giddy, we want to share in your joys and be there to answer the burning questions you face as your stomach gets bigger and the delivery date nears—and that's why we've created the ultimate roadmap.

Welcome to A Journey Through Pregnancy: a ten-part, comprehensive series where we'll discuss some of your most wondered-about topics. We'll cover subjects such as the mysterious symptoms of early pregnancy, the realities of your "delicate" state, the culture of gender reveal parties—and more. And don't worry, we'll make sure you know all the basics surrounding what exactly is happening to your body and your mind.

Join us every Monday for the newest installment—and kick those swollen feet up. You deserve it.

The Evolution of Pregnancy Tests
It all started with peeing on barley.
The Mystery of Morning Sickness and Other Symptoms
Unpleasant pregnancy side effects are often your body telling you to take a minute and rest.
What Parents Should Know About Prenatal Genetic Testing
Screening and diagnostic tests can help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy.
When to Tell People You're Pregnant Is a Personal Decision
There are several factors to keep in mind when deciding the perfect time to share the big news.
Weird and Wonderful Things That Happen to Our Bodies During Pregnancy
From carpal tunnel to hyperpigmentation, these are some lesser-known changes you can expect.
The Reality of Mental Health Struggles During Pregnancy
Depression and anxiety while pregnant, while rarely discussed, are all too real.
The Keys to Pregnancy Preparation Without Information Overload
When it comes to classes, books and online resources, more isn't always better.
How Delicate Are You Really During Pregnancy?
Despite popular belief, pregnant people aren't fragile—but certain precautions are wise.
The Trouble With Gender Reveals
From wildfires to reinforcing the gender binary, it might be time to end this tradition.
Have a Preference, Not a Plan
When it comes to your labor and delivery expectations, experts say flexibility is key.

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