Visitor's Guide to the Vagina

Welcome to Giddy’s Visitors’ Guide to the Vagina, a comprehensive five-part series that aims to help the most novice and experienced invitees to the vagina better understand how their partner’s intimate parts work, how they stay healthy, how they age, and (maybe, most importantly) what makes them tick. Sure, that may sound like a lot, but fear not—armed with a true understanding of the vagina, you’ll be well prepared to approach it, face to face.

Female Anatomy 101 will help you learn more about your lady and improve both of your sex lives.
Pleasuring a partner's vagina (and vulva, and more) doesn't have to be difficult.
What every vagina lover should know about this organ's health.
With age comes change. A woman's anatomy may be affected, but her sex life doesn't have to end.
Odors, periods, the clitoris—help! A guide to commonly asked questions about the vagina.