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Visitor's Guide to the Penis

Jake Hall
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Jake Hall

Jake Hall is a freelance journalist who writes regularly about sex, kink and queerness. Their debut book, "The Art of Drag," was released in September 2020.

Learning everything there is to know about your genitals can feel like a daunting task, but things become especially tricky when we add new people and partners into the mix.

Despite ongoing fixation with length and girth, penises come in all shapes, sizes, shades and variations. There are online mini-dictionaries dedicated to naming their differences: from giant "anacondas" to short, chubby "chodes," there’s a plethora of penile vocabulary to choose from. Yet the cheeky, colloquial language we use betrays a lack of fundamental knowledge. Think of the many myths that persist—"big feet, big meat"—and it becomes clear the cultural obsession with "one-eyed trouser snakes" doesn’t translate into hard facts.

As a visitor, this combination of factors can make your life pretty difficult, so consider this guide your handy, accessible companion as you get to know your partner’s genitalia. With the help of urologists, experts and firsthand knowledge, it’s time to break down everything you need to know about the penis.

Anatomy of the Penis: A Visitor's Guide
Knowing the ins and outs of a partner's member will ultimately lead to better sex.
Sex and the Penis: A Visitor's Guide
Remember the 'Golden Rule': Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Health and Hygiene of the Penis: A Visitor's Guide
How to help keep your partner's unit looking and operating its best.
How the Penis Ages: A Visitor's Guide
Recognize time's effect on the body, for better or worse.
FAQs About Your Partner's Penis: A Visitor's Guide
'Can a penis actually break?' and a few other questions you're likely afraid to ask.

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