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Owner's Manual to the Penis

Jake Hall
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Jake Hall

Jake Hall is a freelance journalist who writes regularly about sex, kink and queerness. Their debut book, "The Art of Drag," was released in September 2020.

It’s fair to assume that, when it comes to your penis, you already know the basics—what feels good, what changes over time and what signals can tell you something isn’t quite right.

When it comes to knowing about penises, things get a little trickier. We’re constantly bombarded with ideas of what’s "normal"—from size and length to function and circumcision—and, when it comes to talking honestly about what’s between our legs and how it stacks up to other penises, plenty of us struggle.

Fear not: This comprehensive, five-part guide is your handy companion to understanding not only your dick but also others' around the world. From sex and reproduction to health and aging, here’s everything to know.

Anatomy of the Penis: An Owner's Manual
They might look simple enough, but a lot is going on down there.
Sex and the Penis: An Owner's Manual
You likely know what feels good, but a few tips and tricks could intensify your pleasure.
Reproduction and the Penis: An Owner's Manual
Forget the 'birds and bees' fairy tales and dive straight into the facts.
Health and Hygiene of the Penis: An Owner's Manual
Don't let web searches freak you out. Here's a handy, no-fear guide to keeping your junk clean.
How the Penis Ages: An Owner's Manual
You won't see aging penises in the media, so here's everything you need to know.

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