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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

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Ovarian cancer, a dangerous type of cancer that begins in the ovaries, is often difficult to detect early. Symptoms of the disease are generally mild until the cancer is in an advanced stage. Because of this, awareness of the condition's intricacies is crucial in the fight against ovarian cancer.

This September, Giddy is observing Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month with an in-depth five-part series. We’ll take you through the risk factors, prevention, symptoms, testing and treatment—as well as exploring what life looks like after cancer.

Week 1: Risk Factors
What factors should you consider when trying to decipher your risk for ovarian cancer?
Week 2: Prevention
What protective measures can you take to help prevent ovarian cancer?
Week 3: Symptoms
The warning signs of ovarian cancer are subtle, so it's important to pay attention to your body.
Week 4: Testing and Treatment
How is ovarian cancer diagnosed and what treatment options are available?

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