Kate Daniel

Kate Daniel is a freelance writer and journalist from the Pacific Northwest specializing in health and wellness and travel. She was previously a reporter for Whidbey News Group, where she received four regional awards for her work. You can find her at hekatecreative.contently.com.

The Many Forms of Arthritis

The inflammatory disease affects a quarter of U.S. adults and is a leading cause of disability.

By Kate Daniel

Please Stop Believing These Inaccuracies About the Causes of ED

Heart health has a lot more bearing on erectile function than your choice of boxers or briefs.

By Kate Daniel

Serotonin Deficiency Does Not Cause Depression

Recent evidence may be the final nail in the coffin to the long-hypothesized connection.

By Kate Daniel

How Cystic Fibrosis Affects Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health

The genetic condition can impact menstruation, fertility and more.

By Kate Daniel

What You Need to Know About the Anal Microbiome

Though less discussed than gut health, your rectal community is as important for sexual health.

By Kate Daniel

What Are Obesogens? And Should I Be Avoiding Them?

Impacting way more than your waistline, these pervasive chemicals can affect your sexual health.

By Kate Daniel