Representatives from major health organizations have outlined several key components that could help improve the quality of care for ovarian cancer patients, according to an article published by the American Cancer Society.

The organizations involved in this joint initiative include the Association of Community Cancer Centers, the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, the Society for Genetic Oncology, the National Society of Genetic Counselors and the Association for Molecular Pathology.

A steering committee, which consisted of gynecologic oncologists, pathologists, social workers, cancer center administrators, a nurse navigator and a genetic counselor, identified and assessed seven important areas which, if addressed in the treatment plans of ovarian cancer patients, could lead to large-scale improvements and higher-quality care:

  • Care coordination and patient education
  • Prevention and screening
  • Diagnosis and initial management
  • Treatment planning
  • Disease surveillance
  • Equity in care
  • Quality of life

The committee identified factors in