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Mental Health

Understanding Your Mental Health


Few conditions are as stigmatized as mental illness, but that's because misinformation abounds.

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The Basics
Identifying Mental Health Conditions
Improving Your Mental Health

The Basics

The Facts About Mental Health

Understanding what lies behind mental health issues is just the first step in the battle.

Disordered eating is more than just a social sickness, the author writes.

It's the little things that mean the most to help with this common, yet devastating, illness.

Hormonal contraceptives can help ease mood disorders. Sadly, the opposite can also be true.

Identifying Mental Health Conditions

Identifying Mental Health Conditions

Mental illness isn't always obvious—recognizing signs is the first key step in recovery.

Coping with the bad news can be difficult—staying positive and being proactive is key.

There may be a good reason for why your internal clock doesn’t always work the way you want.

Try this step-by-step process to identify what's really going on.

Improving Your Mental Health

Improving Your Mental Health

As many individuals struggle with mental health issues, a range of treatments offer hope.

'These are not party drugs—these medications improve the everyday quality of my life.'

Certain foods help boost concentration and energy—others may do just the opposite.

The challenges of finding the right specialist depends on your diagnosis, history and goals.