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Women's Reproductive Health

Understanding Reproductive Health


Don't take chances with issues as serious as pregnancy and STIs. Let's get the facts straight.

Reviewed by Lori McNeal, M.D. , | Gynecology, | Gynecology

The Basics
Birth Control
Uterine Health
Ovarian Health

The Basics

The Facts About Women's Reproductive Health

From your first period to menopause—and everything in between—it's vital to know the basics.

Most intrauterine devices will work past their expiration dates, but don’t wait too long.

Most drug research doesn't analyze sex-specific data, which puts women at risk.

Listen to your body. Irregular menstruation could be signaling that something else is wrong.

Birth Control

The Facts About Birth Control

There's no shortage of birth control options, allowing for pregnancy prevention on your terms.

OB-GYNs warn about the dangers and recommend clinics if you can't access your main provider.

BBT can help you be more in tune with your cycle but won't work as contraception for all women.

How humans progressed from crocodile poop and weasel testicles to the miracle of the pill.

Uterine Health

The Facts About Uterine Health

Keeping the uterus in good shape is key to reproductive and overall health.

The growths can keep you from getting pregnant. Clinical trials show there may be a solution.

Discussing your heart with your doctor might just change your treatment plan.

Phyllis Frempong, RN, explains the role diet plays in fibroid management.

Ovarian Health

The Facts About Ovarian Health

Ovaries play a vital role not only in reproductive health, but also in your overall well-being.

Despite the findings, doctors' recommendations remain the same.

While a cyst sounds scary, it's not always something to worry about.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is a potential complication of hormone-boosting drugs.


The Facts About Abortion

Women considering abortion should understand the principal facts about the procedure itself.

Women facing the decision to abort often need emotional support—enter this specialist.

Robert Pitman has ruled SB8 unconstitutional, but the state is appealing the decision.

SB4 takes effect Dec. 2 and is the latest addition to the state's strict abortion laws.