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Women's Reproductive Health

Understanding Reproductive Health


Don't take chances with issues as serious as pregnancy and STIs. Let's get the facts straight.

Reviewed by Lori McNeal, M.D. | Gynecology

The Basics
Birth Control
Uterine Health
Ovarian Health

The Basics

The Facts About Women's Reproductive Health

From your first period to menopause—and everything in between—it's vital to know the basics.

It may feel awkward but it’s not painful. A Pap smear should top your list of essential tests.

All those clichéd healthy-lifestyle recommendations matter more when you're trying to conceive.

Understanding health issues related to the reproductive system can help with early diagnosis.

Birth Control

The Facts About Birth Control

There's no shortage of birth control options, allowing for pregnancy prevention on your terms.

Given the possible side effects, consult a doctor about your health before taking birth control.

Birth control has side effects, but so does stopping it. Know what to expect.

Don’t let misinformation keep you from finding your best method of contraception.

Uterine Health

The Facts About Uterine Health

Keeping the uterus in good shape is key to reproductive and overall health.

One woman’s fibroids battle leads to a miscarriage, surgery and a fertility roller coaster.

Post-hysterectomy, careful choices ensure a smooth transition back to your exercise routine.

Uterine fibroids sound menacing, but for most women, they don’t cause serious problems.

Ovarian Health

The Facts About Ovarian Health

Ovaries play a vital role not only in reproductive health, but also in your overall well-being.

Learning the symptoms of the reproductive syndrome PCOS can help prevent long-term effects.

Insulin issues accompany polycystic ovary syndrome. The right food can help you stay balanced.

Misinformation about ovarian health can cause confusion. Know the facts and bypass the fiction.


The Facts About Abortion

Women considering abortion should understand the principal facts about the procedure itself.

Reality differs from our collective imagination of how an abortion looks and feels.

There are many choices and factors to consider after you decide to terminate a pregnancy.

Common myths create added stigma around a medical procedure that is both safe and legal.

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