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Culture and Identity

Identity and Sexuality

The Basics

The Basics

The Facts About Identity and Sexuality

How we define and categorize ourselves determines a lot about how we interact with the world.

Misclassification and secrecy make the decline of these procedures difficult to track.

You deserve comprehensive and compassionate care regardless of your sexuality.

My experience of getting naked in public wasn't easy, but accepting your body has benefits.


Understanding Identity

Understanding race, ethnicity, gender and more is important for your mental and physical health.

Americans seeking access to lifesaving transition surgeries still face a variety of roadblocks.

The challenge to overturn 'freeze-frame' policies is a long—but not impossible—road.

I've always been at least a little gay, but my queer identity has opened avenues of exploration.


Understanding Sexuality

Sexuality is about more than who you want to sleep with—it's about who you are.

What queer imposter syndrome is and how to handle it.

Nobody deserves to be disrespected by a medical provider. Some doctors need further education.

From foxy Robin Hood to Jasmine from 'Aladdin,' is it normal to find them hot?