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Can I Have Kids After Radiation Therapy?

If post-treatment fertility is an issue, take measures to preserve your chances to be a father.

By Helen Massy

Experimental Cryopreservation Technique Could Protect Fertility

Freezing testicular tissue is developing as an option for prepubescent boys—and some adults.

By Aleck Woogmaster

Risks and Benefits of Organ-Sparing Surgery for Testicular Cancer

Orchiectomy is still the gold standard, but some men can retain part of their affected testicle.

By Jessica Firger

Can I Have Kids After Chemotherapy?

A man's fertility status post-chemo depends on a lot of factors, but parenthood is possible.

By Chaunie Brusie, RN, BSN

You May Get Lucky, But Expect Testicular Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Reactions to radiation, chemotherapy or surgery vary, so educate yourself about what's coming.

By David Hopper