Why Fibroid Awareness Matters

Sharing information about this common condition leads to earlier diagnosis and better treatment.

By Lola Méndez

Fibroids at Different Life Stages

The majority of women will experience uterine fibroids at some point. Here’s what to know.

By K.A Dan

Fibroids: Rockslide on the Road to Motherhood

One woman’s battle leads to a miscarriage, surgery and a fertility roller coaster.

By Ciara Shuttleworth

Your Toolkit for Surviving Fibroids

If you're one of the many people affected by fibroids, these natural treatments may help.

By Lola Méndez

Pregnancy and Postpartum Life

The Impact of Uterine Fibroids During Pregnancy

Learning more about this common condition will help you be prepared throughout your pregnancy.

By Hanna Walther


What Happens to Fibroids During Menopause?

Not all of these benign tumors shrink or disappear, so don't ignore the symptoms.

By Coralle Skye

Procedures and Complications of Treating Uterine Fibroids

Treatment options for this condition range from surveillance to medications to surgery.

By Leandra Beabout

Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids and When to See a Doctor

Talk to your healthcare provider if you're experiencing heavy, painful periods or pelvic pain.

By Leandra Beabout

Pregnancy and Postpartum Life

Women With Fibroids Share Their Experiences of Getting Pregnant

This common condition affects 77 percent of women of childbearing age.

By Juliette Fairley

Fibroid Degeneration Sounds Good on the Surface but Has Layers to It

This shrinking of uterine growths comes with pain and other unpleasant effects.

By Coralle Skye