There are many choices and factors to consider after you decide to terminate a pregnancy.
The Supreme Court expected to weigh in on the medication's legality.
When a birth control method fails, using emergency contraception can help prevent pregnancy.
Reigniting the sexual spark after ending a pregnancy can be difficult but not impossible.
The medication, legal for 23 years, is at the center of the latest reproductive health battle.

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A lawsuit by anti-abortion groups seeks to halt the nationwide distribution of mifepristone.
Five women claim Texas' law put their lives at risk while pregnant.
The procedure might not have been enshrined in the Constitution, but it wasn't illegal, either.
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It can take some time to adjust after ending your pregnancy. Resources and support can help.
Find out how to obtain a procedure safely and what you can expect afterward.
Your story can break the silence, but it shouldn't break your spirit.
The new study indicates a link between abortion restrictions and rates of self-inflicted deaths.
The state Supreme Court strikes down the law as unconstitutional for violating privacy rights.
An FDA regulatory change allows retail pharmacies to register to dispense mifepristone.