Eddie has evolved.

New materials, new bands, optimal comfort.

Feel the new Eddie
Eddie with Sport Tension Band
Eddie laying flat on surface showing softer materials

Softer materials.

Eddie is made from new materials that are more comfortable than ever.

The Eddie experience was already great. We just made it better.

Tension bands with tabs.

No more fumbling in the dark.
The new bands are easier to hold, stretch, and use.

Eddie pictured with Sport and Comfort Tension bands on.
Eddie now has a softer feel

Reformulated TPE for a softer feel

Eddie is still proudly made in the USA from medical-grade materials. Only now, Eddie features a more advanced thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that is extra soft, environmentally-friendly, and more resistant to chemicals and abrasions. The light blue finish has also been enhanced to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Tension bands now have easy-grip tabs.

Easy-to-use tension bands

The new patented design of the tension bands includes easy-grip tabs on the sides. The tabs are strong handles that make it easy to hold, pull, and take the bands on and off the device (so you can enjoy the moment).

Compared to Other ED Products

Eddie by Giddy

  • Proven effective
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Prescription-free
  • No side effects of ED drugs
  • Low price

ED Meds

  • Questionable effectiveness
  • Doctor visit & prescription required
  • Dangerous with certain medical conditions
  • Can cause harsh side effects
  • High annual cost

Pumps & Rings

  • Questionable effectiveness
  • Can cause pain, bruising
  • Can cause retrograde ejaculation
  • Sometimes awkward, embarrassing to use
  • Lengthy prep time
Eddie with comfort tension band

Sleeker. Smarter. Sexier.

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