Author: Giddy Staff


Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is not something most men want to talk about openly—or even acknowledge—because it means something has gone wrong with their penis. It won't get or remain erect anymore. Its function is more of a dysfunction. It brings two dreaded letters into the picture: ED.

Given that November is Impotence Awareness Month, the Giddy team wanted to do our best to educate impotence sufferers and offer a note of hope, too, both on individual and overall levels.

Every Wednesday in November, we will share a story that highlights some aspect of the erectile dysfunction experience. We begin with a first-person account from a man who waited too long to even mention his battle with ED to his doctor. We'll follow that up with a story about technology that gives doctors a better look at the arteries in the penis. For week three, we'll look ahead to stem cells and a potential cure for ED that still needs a lot of study and testing. We will close the month with a look at one of the causes of ED that most men can control: weight. Excess weight and obesity are tied directly to erectile function in several ways—diabetes among them—but getting your weight under control can yield positive results for your penis, too.

Excuses will never defeat erectile dysfunction. Action will. I put my ego aside, and so can you.
This technology, which looks at fluid flow, helps treat patients with ED, Peyronie's and more.
The new therapy may prove to be effective—small samples are encouraging—but we're not there yet.
Obesity is linked to ED. That's a fact. But many ties, not just one, form this relationship.