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Identity and Sexuality | Identity

Sex may be evident at birth, but only you can be sure of your own identity.


Americans seeking access to lifesaving transition surgeries still face a variety of roadblocks.

The past and future of LGBTQIA+ rights depend on each other.

From two-spirited people to modern-day celebrities.

Misclassification and secrecy make the decline of these procedures difficult to track.

While Ruby has been out since last year, the family has only recently been public about it.

HB25 forces children to compete on teams misaligned with their gender identity.

There's an internal dynamism to this identity that has been around a lot longer than you think.

It's possible to prevent the passing on of these serious conditions.

How the demands and failings of a strict religion affected a gender-questioning child.

Like most things in life, getting gender-affirming care isn't always easy, but it is worth it.

Body positivity changed what we thought of our looks, but it's time for the next step.

Combat gender dysphoria while keeping your health in mind.

From mood swings to shifting sex drives, the first few months can complicate your social life.

One percent of the population is often left out of conversations about sex and gender identity.

Transitioning from male to female can be a long journey—here's what you need to know.

The fight for sexual liberation can include all, as long as we remember who we're fighting for.

Transitioning from female to male can be a long journey. Here's what you need to know.

Mutual attraction won't solve everything when it comes to trans sex: You have to talk it out.

It may represent entertainment for many, but for me, drag was a revelation.

The struggles and joys of atypical love lives.

This warm, hazy glow of affirmation is easier to unlock than you think.

Despite being stereotyped as promiscuous, some LGBTQ people are embracing abstinence.

Gender bending isn't just for trans people — learn how to take your gender into your own hands.

Medical experts aren’t sure about a direct link, but transmasculine people should be careful.

For many trans-masculine people, the decision to get bottom surgery is a complicated one.

Though the process may be difficult, it’s never too late to be who you truly are.

Systemic racism is seriously affecting fertility rates across the United States.

Drag queens? Transgender people? Femboys? What's the difference?

If you're beginning a hormonal transition, you should know about genital changes.

If you've never desired a relationship or been attracted to someone, perhaps you're aromantic.

While the trans community has made strides, it continues to face discrimination and violence.

Learning about new ideas is great, but there’s a right and a wrong way to do so.

I’m navigating a gender transition in my relationship, and you can, too.

Hormone replacement therapy comes with obstacles. Take it from someone who’s been there.

Transgender individuals aren’t 'other people.' They can be your loved ones, so support them.

Need to know how to use ‘he/they’ or ‘she/ze’ pronouns? Our tutorial will get you started.

If you’re starting HRT, here’s how to make sure your sex life doesn’t suffer.