HIV/AIDS | The Basics


The lingering impact of the 'gay plague' stigma and poor sex ed are doing everyone a disservice.

New York City has two operating overdose prevention centers, but the U.S. needs many more.

How will this new drug be implemented and who will it actually help most?

The preventive treatment needs dedicated advocates to keep reaching those who need it.

Researchers are investigating the technology that fights COVID-19 for further uses.


There's still work to do next year to combat the human immunodeficiency virus.


One diagnosis inspired a lifetime dedication to filling gaps in the HIV-positive community.


Without radical change at city and state levels, HIV and AIDS may never be eradicated.


After battling the epidemic for 40-plus years, it's time to shine a light on the future.

Despite years of advancement, there’s much more to learn about this still-misunderstood virus.

Despite Biden’s endorsement, harm-reduction services across the U.S. are being threatened.

Take a closer look at the impact of sexually transmitted diseases on the immune system.

Research gaps prevent us from knowing the full repercussions of HIV and AIDS on fertility.

If you're hooking up, you may want to look into this HIV prevention drug.

An HIV diagnosis is not synonymous with an AIDS diagnosis, and does not mean a bleak prognosis.

Progress has been made in HIV and AIDS prevention, but misinformation continues to flourish.

Prevention is definitely best, but with early treatment, most HIV cases won't advance to AIDS.

While huge strides have been made in HIV care, the virus is still a global health concern.