"Just don't do it," a German Bumble match once advised when I explained how uncomfortable I was with pontificating during intercourse (you know, typical first-date chitchat). My suitor then proceeded to confirm the validity of my biggest fear: He told me that he'd not only stopped sex cold when a partner made an off-color stab at sounding sexy in the sheets—he'd walked out on them. Multiple times, in fact.

As it turns out, my European date is not alone in his honest response to erotic language misfires. In a 2020 survey from U.K. remote healthcare provider Superdrug Online Doctor, 1 in 5 participants reported stopping sex in the act because an unsuccessful attempt at sexy repartee turned them off.

The brain is the mightiest sex organ in the body, playing a critical role in creating sex drive and sexual pleasure.

That's not exactly the kind of statistic that encourages you to dip your toe into dirty talking, especially if you're already anxious about it. But there are plenty of other statistics that make a compelling case for taking the