Cuckolding, the practice of watching your partner have sex with another person, has deep roots in history. Whether it's a sexual fetish or a psychological condition is a feverish debate.

If you've ever felt a bit strange for being into it, you should know it's likely more popular than you think and, despite appearances, could be a positive sexual practice for some couples.

A brief history

Cuckolding has been described in writings going as far back as medieval times. Playwright William Shakespeare includes many mentions of cuckolds, husbands of adulterous wives, and cuckqueans, wives of adulterous husbands.

Today, cuckolding is the somewhat popular practice of complicity letting your partner or spouse have sex with another person, and, in most cases, watching it happen. While infidelity may be a source of pain for many partnered individuals, cuckolding embraces the idea. According to one survey, 58 percent of men and around 33 percent of women have fantasized about cuckolding being a part of their relationship.