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Understanding Your Physical Health


Looking and being healthy aren't always the same. What else should you know about your health?

The Basics
Physical and Sexual Health
Chronic Conditions

The Basics

The Facts About Physical Health

Find out why balanced nutrition, exercise and stress management should be top priorities.

Yes, you will face mental and physical challenges, but making these changes today can help.

We can all be forgetful, but some simple habits, and a new perspective, can ease the burden.

If you thought turning 40 was tough, welcome to a whole new assortment of challenges.

Physical and Sexual Health

The Link Between Physical and Sexual Health

Anything that impacts your body impacts your sex life. But you can always find ways to adjust.

You may 'drink and know things,' but if you want to do things, put the alcohol down.

This lung disorder can be debilitating, but it doesn't have to spell the end of your sex life.

Keeping your medical professional in the loop may benefit your healthcare.

Chronic Conditions

Living With Chronic Health Conditions

Chronic conditions typically have no cure, but their symptoms can be managed for a better life.

People are quick to ignore the symptom, though it's a leading cause of disability.

As if you didn't have enough on your plate—your skin may be acting up, too.

Dizziness, abnormal heart rate and loss of balance can happen—but what if it's POTS?