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Ovarian Cancer


Don’t be misled by the myths. Learn the facts and increase your awareness about ovarian cancer.

Reviewed by Lori McNeal, M.D. | Gynecology

The Basics
Symptoms and Diagnosis
Life After Ovarian Cancer

The Basics

The Facts About Ovarian Cancer

Treatment for ovarian cancer often requires aggressive surgical and medical procedures.

One in 78 women will get ovarian cancer. Know your risk factors, find it early and beat it.

Certain genetic traits can significantly increase your risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Conflicting research exists about polycystic ovary syndrome connection

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer

Noting subtle symptoms is critical when fighting a disease notoriously tough to diagnose.

Recognize ovarian cancer, the most deadly cancer that affects the female reproductive system.

Unfortunately, the early symptoms of this dangerous disease are minor and easy to overlook.

Awareness of these four syndromes is vitally important if you have a family history of cancer.


Treatment of Ovarian Cancer

Treatment for ovarian cancer can be as tough as a diagnosis—knowing what to expect can help.

Knowledge is key when it comes to battling cancer. Don't be afraid to ask for treatment details.

Clinical trials show this new class of drug may be a promising treatment for ovarian cancer.

Life After Ovarian Cancer

Life After Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer can radically change you, your body and your self-esteem. Here's how to cope.

A hysterectomy is a common treatment for ovarian cancer, but it causes surgical menopause.

Ovarian cancer can uproot your life, but your sex life doesn't have to suffer forever.

Even women declared cancer-free after treatment aren’t in the clear, but you can help yourself.

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