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Solo pleasure is as natural an activity as there is. So why all the masturbation myths?

The Basics
Masturbation for Women
Masturbation for Men

The Basics

The Facts About Masturbation

The benefits of self-pleasuring go well beyond the obvious.

Whether an old hand or a new practitioner, you can always learn more about masturbation.

There may be benefits to self-love, even when the mood doesn't strike.

Solitary satisfaction can be perfectly gratifying without relying on commercial sources.

Masturbation for Women

Exploring Masturbation for Women

Here are the basics of exploring your body and enjoying what you find.

One of the easiest and safest ways to spice up your sex life is to explore the world of toys.

Masturbation isn't a boys club, but it does look different for women than it does for men.

Masturbation may be a 'get in and get out' operation for you, but here's how to really get off.

Masturbation for Men

Exploring Masturbation for Men

Engaging in solo play is good for your mental and physical health. Just don't grip it too hard.

Here's how to avoid the dreaded 'death-grip syndrome.'

Self-pleasure can be casual or a big event, but in any case, it has some great benefits.

Whatever works, works—but there's a lot more you could be doing to improve your orgasms.