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The Basics
Masturbation for Women
Masturbation for Men

The Basics

The Facts About Masturbation

The benefits of self-pleasuring go well beyond the obvious.

Here's the lowdown on gooning, a sex-positive hobby that might blow your mind.

As heteronormative standards evolve, sex tech for men has become more holistic and diverse.

Just because an object vibrates or looks like a penis doesn't mean it's safe for masturbation.

Masturbation for Women

Exploring Vaginal Masturbation

Here are the basics of exploring your body and enjoying what you find.

Not only do they feel great, but they also have physical and mental health benefits.

It's possible to lose the magic touch—with yourself or a partner—but you can always get it back.

Whether using water-safe toys or a running faucet, your clitoris will thank you.

Masturbation for Men

Exploring Masturbation for Men

Engaging in solo play is good for your mental and physical health. Just don't grip it too hard.

Want to buy a sex toy for your penis? Avoid these rookie mistakes.

The downsides to self-pleasure and ejaculation are limited, so let yourself go and let it flow.

Ready to level up your solo sessions and partner sex? There's a toy for that.