About Giddy


Our mission is to help men and their partners of all lifestyles make informed decisions about their sexual health and wellness, and improve their quality of life through the use of our products and educational programs. Whether you’re a 25-year-old with anxiety, a 65-year-old with prostate cancer, or the partner of someone looking for erectile dysfunction treatments, Giddy strives to be your go-to resource for living the most fulfilling life possible.

Our Values

A Better Life

We believe that everyone deserves to not just regain their confidence and intimacy, they deserve to live an even better life than before they found Giddy.

A Safe Community

We believe in the importance of a safe, accessible community that anyone can rely on to stay informed, and join the discussion about sexual health and wellness.

Good Habits

We believe in providing the framework for people to practice good habits, and empowering them to take ownership of their situation from education, to application, to execution.

Confidence & Wellness

We believe in providing all men and their partners whatever help they need to stay confident on their journey to improved happiness and wellness.


We believe a company such as Giddy should have a soul and seek to connect its consumers with themselves, their family, their spouse, or their health.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back to those who help us achieve our goals. We have donated over $50,000 to prostate cancer charities and men’s health nonprofits to provide as many men and their partners as possible the opportunity to live their best life.

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Helping the Body & Mind

Eddie by Giddy is a medical device designed to help with the physical aspects of erectile dysfunction treatment. Our educational content, including the ED Guide video series, is designed to treat the mental and emotional aspects of ED. We stand by the proven science of our device, as well as our team of medical experts and educational content, to provide erectile dysfunction help that can truly improve your sexual health and happiness.

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Sleeker. Smarter. Sexier.

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