About Giddy

Our Mission

Our mission is to help men and their partners of all lifestyles make informed decisions about their sexual health and wellness, and improve their quality of life through the use of our products and educational programs. Whether you’re a 25-year-old with anxiety, a 65-year-old with prostate cancer, or the partner of someone dealing with a sexual challenge, Giddy strives to be your go-to resource for living the most fulfilling life possible.

Our Values

We believe that everyone deserves to not just regain their confidence and intimacy, they deserve to live an even better life than before they found Giddy.

We believe in the importance of a safe, accessible community that anyone can rely on to stay informed, and join the discussion about sexual health and wellness.

We believe in providing the framework for people to practice good habits, and empowering them to take ownership of their situation from education, to application, to execution.

We believe in providing all men and their partners whatever help they need to stay confident on their journey to improved happiness and wellness.

We believe a company such as Giddy should have a soul and seek to connect its consumers with themselves, their family, their spouse, or their health.

We believe in giving back to those who help us achieve our goals. We have donated over $50,000 to prostate cancer charities and men’s health nonprofits to provide as many men and their partners as possible the opportunity to live their best life.

Helping the Body & Mind

Our medical device, Eddie, was designed to help men with the physical symptoms of ED. Our educational program, the ED Guide, was designed to help both men and their partners address the mental and emotional sides of ED. When it comes to difficulties with sexual health, Giddy understands that it takes more than a surface approach to truly feel in control again. We stand by the science of our device, and our team of experts and content in the ED Guide, to provide a personalized, full-spectrum approach to improving your sexual health and happiness.

Meet our Experts

Dr. Kyle

MD | MPH | Urologist

"In the last 20 years, Giddy's ED device is the first product designed specifically to help men maintain an erection."

Shan Boodram

Certified Sexologist

"To help people affected by ED, you need to address the physical and emotional causes. Giddy's doing that."

July 2017
July 2017

Utility Patent Granted

Jan - June 2018
Jan - June 2018

Research and Development

Jan - June 2018
Jan - June 2018

Product Trials

August 2018
August 2018

U.S. Manufacturing Secured

August 2018
August 2018

FDA Class II Medical Device Compliance

September 2019
September 2019

Order Fulfillment Begins

All orders fulfilled within 120 days. Yee-haw!


ED is a spectrum disorder, so we created a program that caters to everyone on this spectrum by addressing both the physical and psychological factors, including partners of those who suffer from ED.


Giddy provides an accessible community for anyone looking to stay informed and join the discussion about sexual health and wellness.


Empowering people to take ownership of their situation; from education, application, to execution.

Small Victories

Measuring success on your terms, acknowledging and appreciating all levels of improvement, no matter how small.

Take back control.

Order your Eddie today.

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