Our Mission

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We believe sex should be fun. Making out with your first girlfriend on the on the second date fun. Getting to second base while standing on second base at college fun. Best sex you ever had every night of the week fun. No pressure, no performance issues, no worries. At Giddy, we recognize the very common reality that erectile dysfunction can get in the way of that fun and instead replace those tingly, giddy feelings with not so confident, not so giddy feelings. We think that sucks, and not in the fun way. Giddy is a tool for your tool that’ll help you get out of your head and into your body, because that’s where the fun is; for you and your partner.

Meet the team


Erika Jensen

Founder & CEO

"I recently conducted a survey and found that 75% of women in a relationship with a partner with ED feel responsible for it. It was pretty heartbreaking to read but admittedly not all that surprising, because at only 29 years old, I too, have been with partners with ED, and I’ve experienced that exact same self-blame. For me, starting an ED company was and very much is, about women."

A letter from our Founder, Erika Jensen

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Brett Jacobson

Founder & President

What gets you Giddy?
“My two Goldendoodles.”


Arseni Grokhovski

Legal Counsel

What gets you Giddy?
“Wine deals, water polo, and It’s Always Sunny.“


Kristen Martinez

Executive Assistant

What gets you Giddy?
“Randall, red wine & Real Housewives.“


Carla Lozano

Social Media Manager

What gets you Giddy?
“Stepping onto a sandy beach.”