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BARE by Giddy

BARE by Giddy is a weekly video series that offers fresh perspectives on pressing sexual health topics. Each Wednesday, a candid interview will highlight first-person accounts of the issues few of us ever talk about.

Looking Back on 2021

BARE was conceived as a vehicle for celebrities, authors and athletes to get frank about issues such as eating disorders, difficult pregnancies, parenting, sex education and more. Everyone will deal with sexual health conditions, diseases, disorders, and changing stages of life at some point. In removing the stigma around these issues, our guests help bring to light important topics in sexual health. Below are some of the famous faces that have been featured this year on BARE:

  • Tom Arnold
  • Gretchen Rossi
  • Jillian Barberie
  • Chris “Kid” Reid
  • Nikki Lund
  • Jessica Hall
  • Sean Stewart
  • Rachel McCord
  • Ryan McPartlin
  • BJ Courville